I also create custom fine art astrological charts.
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             Throughout my life I've had a passion for creating things using my hands.

             Curiosity is often the motivating force for the creation of my work.  Artistic production is a magical process
             to me.  Nothing satisfies more than bringing to life my ideas through the vehicle of art and in the process
             encountering the gems of the unexpected.

             My compositions often combine the graceful, elegance of natural forms, and a variety of decorative patterns
             and motifs.   I commonly use imagery of plants, animals, mythology, and architecture.  I’m interested in
             using color as an emotional element and utilizing the rhythm of a pattern. Pattern or parts of a pattern can
             reference a decorative style reminiscent of an historical time or place, or it can stimulate a more personal
             memory association of ordinary life, such as the wallpaper design in one’s childhood bedroom, or the fabric
             design in a favorite dress or shirt.

             Among my many and varied artistic influences are Medieval illuminated manuscripts; Persian miniatures;
             Renaissance frescoes and paintings; European and Islamic architecture;  Japanese woodcuts; kimono fabrics; and
             antique textile and wallpaper designs, especially Eighteenth and early Twentieth century European; and the Ballet
             Russe costume and stage designs.

              I am deeply grateful to the many great and extraordinary artists throughout history and the world who
              continue to inspire even over decades and centuries of time. For me, the best Art illuminates our experience
              of being human and the wonder of life on Earth.

             I work primarily on paper, board or canvas in gouache, watercolor, inks, acrylic, and colored pencil.  I also
             enjoy taking photographs of family, animals, plants and gardens; landscapes, and architecture for both
             reference and creativity.

Janet Ivas also creates custom
illuminated astrological chart
paintings based on the
individual's birth chart.
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more about these:
Celestial You

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hand-painted commissioned
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